Holy Tea

Lately, was not satisfied with my cup of tea that I have every morning to charge up myself for programming job. As I am from Indian region, we have traditional tea called “chai” which we make by boiling milk + water with black tea and sugar as per taste. Gradually, I realize that tea is very acetic and quite damaging for your body if you drink it for long time especially when you add sugar. I also tried to replace with some healthy drink like Juice or smoothie, but that didn’t work as well. My body really crave for some kind of tea which nourish my body. So here, I will share my formula that I use for every day. There is no hard and fast rule. You can add/remove any of ingredients.
First and foremost important thing I would like to share is that any caffeine drink tea or coffee if you have with animal milk, which will double the acetic property of drink. I would definitely recommend that you use non-dairy milk. I use light Almond milk, coconut milk, or pea milk which is only available in few markets. For some people, it can be little bit hard to find other milk types.

Ingredients: Cardamom (Dried powder or fresh), Cinnamon (Powder), Ginger (Fresh or dried ground powder), Fennel seeds (optional), Mint leaves (Fresh if available), Basil leaves (Holy, sweet, or Thai basil if available), Jaggery (best sugar alternative, make sure you it is dark, not the processed one),  Black tea leaves, Coconut, Almond or pea milk (http://ripplefoods.com/plant-milk/)

Process: Get very hot boiling water in pot, add all for available ingredients in dry powder form/fresh, cover the post with lid. After few minutes, add milk whichever you like to add and again cover with lid 1-2 minutes, strain into cup and job done!

Now, to change any habit with some good habit, it takes while and feels hassle as well. Trust me, once you arrange all of your ingredients, it won’t be difficult at all. And those ingredients will last for months and months. I will share ingredients picture and also pictures from my pantry. To get same tea at workplace, easy thing to buy small glass jar, add all available ingredients in ratio of taste you like, make sure you add more Jaggery to make it bit sweeter and follow the same process.


Having that drink everyday, forget about any of health issues like cough, flu, headache, and list goes on.

Pictures from my Pantry and plants. Mint and Basil are not difficult to grow in pots.


Enjoy! Please leave below comments or suggestion. I would be happy to answer them.








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