Nokia with Android – A chance to back in game again!

Nokia came back in game with Android phones few months ago, initially launching low and mid range (Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6). They have definitely been giving hints for for launching of two more phones (high end phone + flagship) for last few months. They finally held event on 16th August to introduce high end phone, expected to be Nokia 8 from news and rumors. Pictures have also been moving around on Internet.

So big question is, what’s new, innovative that Nokia will be bringing to us to compete the Big fish (Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and other Chinese phone makers). To answer this question, If Nokia is only launching Nokia 8 with configuration roaming around, I am pretty sure, it won’t hit hard other competitors . Nokia (HMD) definitely will have to come up something which can compete current and upcoming phones from Samsung i.e. Galaxy Note, and iPhone 8 from Apple, otherwise there is least chance that Nokia can go with shoulder to shoulder with Apple and Samsung. However, it can give good competition to Chinese companies like Oppo, Xiaomi, etc. with its mid range phones. However, I believe It is not enough for Nokia as being pioneer and biggest phone maker in past.

Looking at past few years, there has only been advancement in processing power, battery, camera and Mobile OS itself. Apart from these, there is no such useful innovation. If Nokia can bring some few disruptive useful changes, it is highly possible that Nokia can do better as it had lot of fans in past because of innovation, durability and commitments.

As being a Microsoft Mobile 10 user, it can be ideal situation for Nokia in future that rather following the one mobile platform (Windows Mobile in past, and now Android),  Nokia should work with Microsoft as well in case if they launch their highly rumored surface phone/Ultimate mobile device or whatever you name it. That way, Nokia can do more in sales if Microsoft upcoming mobile device get even little bit of success. At the moment, biggest disadvantage to Nokia is revenue generation. Whereas Apple and Samsung have tones of cash which they invest in research and development. To generate good amount revenue, Nokia must introduce consumer + business phones, tablets, and hybrid laptops in near future.

For now, let’s wait for 16th August event and see what’s new excitement coming from Finnish company Nokia (HMD). Fingers crossed!








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